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I second that emotion–mickey morgan

Yesterday, I touched down in San Juan to stand with hundreds of thousands of protesters calling on Puerto Rico Governor
Ricardo Rosselló to resign. Thousands of people have been
protesting nonstop for a week now. And the only responses
they’ve gotten are dismissive platitudes from the Governor
ignoring their cries for an end to corruption. These protests are
about so much more than offensive language in leaked chats.
They’re about more than the Governor and his associates’ elitist
attitudes. They’re about rampant corruption within Puerto
Rico’s government that pretends to serve the interests of its
people but instead exploits them, over and over again for
profits and power. It is this blatant corruption that undermines
people’s faith in our democracy, our country and our values. 
Puerto Rico is an example of how decades of neglect by those in
power, who put their own selfish interests ahead of the
well-being of the people, and who put profits and politics ahead
of the needs of its citizens, erodes faith in our democracy and
causes widespread suffering. This isn’t something people only
experience in Puerto Rico. Across the country, we share their
sense of injustice. We know what it feels like for our voices to
go unheard — in San Juan, on Wall Street and in Washington D.C.That’s why I’m here to support the people taking action to end a multibillion-dollar corruption network involving kickbacks for
lobbyists and state officials, preferential government contracts
and use of public resources to do partisan work. I’m here to stand with my fellow Americans in Puerto Rico calling for the
resignation of a corrupt Governor who has shown he is for
himself, rather than for the people. I call on every Democratic
candidate running for President to come here and stand withour fellow Americans in Puerto Rico against corruption.
I’m here to stand with my fellow Americans in Puerto Rico
here on American soil demanding change. I stand with the
people of Puerto Rico who love our country, who have sacrificed
for our country and our people. Who have fought for our civil
rights, and who I served alongside in Iraq. Who have put their
lives on the line to serve our country. I stand with these great
patriots and the people of Puerto Rico who deserve a
government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
With love of country,