King of Wands

from the DruidCast deck
Blessed be for your adornment


Just a short note to you, dear girl. You know this is all a fantasy that you

are allowing yourself to believe. As if an artist painting a picture, you

make broad strokes and tiny touches of color on canvas and make it

your single world only within the frame, bounded by fear of stepping

out of bounds. What is there? Why are you so afraid? Your life simply

IS, as Nan said . . . it just IS. Orphaned are you from the sad creatures in

this lifetime who had a moment of bliss, and that was you, beginning.

That moment of bliss that exists forever and is gone forever . . . is you.

Mother and father exulted and moved on. Orphaned Bliss is your name.

And every seeming concretizing moment remains and grows to crust

you, Orphaned Bliss, as you fear the change that never changes. Be

washed and soften, rinse your fearful armor to fallen leaves that

dissolve to mist. Let them all fall off and mistify. I tell you this

because the crust was never there. Only your fear formed them, and

fear is a secondary mental factor that is not.

Moment. Now. The flow has no impediments. All is the same flow.

R. is now on a plane returning from Amsterdam. Happy and wise in

pain. His life falling forward as mine, into death and beyond. And he

has fear as do all sentient beings. Your initial not-knowing, o Orphaned

Bliss, is a handicap from your previous life. And this time around, you

are alone, finally. Finally the opportunity to wrestle that handicap

without disruption. But you try and try, only to get glimpses of the

Understanding that is real love, Bodhicitta. It is good that you have

persevered for many years, however shabbily. Are nuns shabby in their

practice? It would be good if you had daily encounters with other

striving practitioners whose path is your path–a leisurely imprinting

on your mindstream pushed forward by others’ truths.

Leave others to their seeking. You cannot seek for them or force them

to seek for that which is alive under your ignorance, your handicap.

Orphaned Bliss, remember your name! Then stop there in your

remembering, that a concretized past contains pain, till it is no more,

and never was.