Dancing can be healing in profound ways

Dancing . . . One’s Inner Being Speaks Out

Beyond Meds

dancing-156041_640Dancing is an integral part of my healing process. I’ve been doing ecstatic dance in my community for almost 2 years now. (off and on as my body/mind/spirit allows and prefers…healing is non-linear and practices need and in fact most often should not be practiced in a dogmatic fashion).

Ecstatic dance is awesome in the literal sense of the word and I consider it a body oriented mindfulness practice as well. I’ve also referred to it as self-directed body-work in conversations with friends. Sometimes my “dance” is about moving and stretching my body in some really odd ways to get at something that is tightly held in the body and needs release. Dancing can sometimes be me not moving at all (on the surface) while the music courses through my body and my cells and neurons DANCE.

I want to point out that dancing is our human inheritance and one can do…

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I Think Therefore I Think I Am


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Dear Maggie,

I remember the chaos on Wabash –

Kally threw Clackers at the door mirror. I remember the glass that fell left a shape that resembled the United States.

When playing “Rescue 8” we tied sheets to our bunk bed and hung them out the window. Dave climbed down the ivy covered wall like a monkey.  As soon as I let go of the sill and grabbed the sheets, there was a big wooooshhh as I crashed through the ivy and landed flat on my back. The air was thrust out of my lungs and for about 20 seconds I could neither inhale nor exhale.

I remember somebody throwing a handful of silverware at someone as they raced out the front of the house.

Dave nailed me with a hard green apple, right in the face from about twenty feet away.

Jeb whipped me with a jump rope in front of the others because I had swung on the plumbing pipes in the basement.

I remember standing in a rubber boot full of my blood as I tried to reach mom on the phone after gashing my knee. The snow storm had caused a mess. I finally got a ride to the hospital in a cop car. 36 stitches.

I remember the most popular girl at school got hit by a car and died. It’s one of the three funerals I have attended; Jane’s Mom Rosie, and one of my students who also died in a car crash.

Mike pretty much beat the shit out of me on a rather regular basis. I cried a lot.

I remember hearing “Goddamnit Barbara!!” a lot.

I remember Jeb giving all three boys a military style lesson in wiping our ass. He was sick and tired of the soiled tighty whities. Two sheets to wipe, Two damp sheets to wash, Two sheets to dry. Don’t you just love the precision?

Ahhhh, those were the days….


Scull by Basquiat

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In the effort to loosen my tongue, I say . . .


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Nepal beating

So this is samsara!

Ah, now I get it.

Karma is slashing me to bits to be cooked in a cauldron, purified with an Om Ah Hum, set fire with a Ram, and boiled into pure nectar.

I watch all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and yidams and deities sip the nectar of my formerly-corrupted-now-purified body.

I am only an Eye. And an Ear. A Nose. A tongue. Skin everywhere that tingles to touch. And not even that.

Just a mist of seeing, plagued so high up by the sight of a bleeding tangled earth, fouled and corrupted by physical and emotional filth.

And I have only a little comb to try to untangle the rat’s nest of hair below me, hair that ravages the eyes of earthbound ones so they itch and burn and see only endless knots of suffering and hatred and greed and fear.

And out of their fear, they grab and grab and hold and lock out their children in the cold.

Ask me.

Ask Sarah.

White privileged families wallow in the guilt of their neglect of their own kin . . . warehouse them in nursing homes, control those traumatized ones lest they reveal the dirty secrets of their traumatization.

Ok. I won’t say pedophilia

or alcoholism

or liposuction

or fake marijuana

or childhood blows to the head causing mild traumatic brain injury,

or a brother turning his back on an ailing sister,

or a son stepping on his mother’s head after the horror of his father’s suicide,

or the pretense of an alcoholic perpetual fiance (never wife) enabling the father’s suicide, this perpetual fiance never having spoken to him for a week before he broke under the stress of fear for his Marine Corps son’s life in Kuwait.

After all the Hooooraaahs, that expressive Turkish word! . . . Kill! . . that’s what the Turks say . . . Semper Fi to Killing! And be proud of it! (Off with their heads if they’re not)

or a Marine nephew chomping at the bit between slugs of beer to get back and kill all the bad people cause he’s good at it (PTSD is only a state of mind after all).

I’m tired of saying it all.

Here, words have failed.

Not in and of themselves.

But to those who fling them out their mouths in delusion,

and so harm all around them.

All I can do anymore is get out of their way.

Mercury Drops and Shatters


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O Geshela Geshela,

thou art stirring this pot mightily to near hurricane whirl.

Faster and faster the filth comes to the top . . . memory after memory of the truth of the debasement all around me that formed this body (which is as debased as all others) . . . the pouches of energy in the One, where, from a narrow perspective such as I often have . . . these pouches of energy appear to be dark bleeding corrupt inconsciounable barbaric destructive greedy grasping AFRAID stagnant clutching the stagnant judgmental traumatizing thieving lying inability (long lost) to make Co-Respond-ences (connecting the dots, i.e., the Universal Law of Cause and Effect), or correspondence as in a good conversation.

Inquiring minds appear to be in vast decline.

Concentration camps appear to abound in this country.

Most Western mainstream medical workers appear to have AIDS                (Arrogant Ignorant Doctor Syndrome)

and appear to be killing and crippling and diseasing millions of people . . .

with complete impunity, it appears.

So, with all of these appearances that I see when I try to rise higher in the sky to get a better picture of the whole, I want to re-member it all . . . bring all the shattered mercury members together, and give them a nudge. They will find each other and instantly become One!

But it may not happen if I don’t re-member everything, every single drop. Because every single drop is critical to the Whole, the One. If a drop is lost, there is no longer One, but Two separate divided opposing conflicted forms or conditions.

And then I won’t Understand.

This is analogous to Apartheid.

The Art of Ani Nyima Zangmo of Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery in Southern India


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I post this for all to see. Ani Nyima Zangmo sent me these cards for at least 2 years of Tibetan New Year celebrations . . . and, shamefully, I never responded. I hope this reaches here so she knows how much her expressions mean to me.

Dongyu Gatsal Ling was founded by Ven. Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, an English woman who spent 12 years in a cave by herself. She has vowed to become enlightened in a female body, and is devoted to empowering other neglected nuns by focusing heavily on education. See their site at http://www.tenzinpalmo.com/ and consider supporting. Ven. Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s books are on Amazon.

2013Nyima Zangmo

2012aNyima Zangmo2012Nyima Zangmo2013aNyima Zangmo

2012bNyima Zangmo

Report Takes Deeper Look At Dam Impact To Poudre River

More dams for Mama Ear+h’s Veins . . .

CBS Denver

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP/CBS4) — A massive dam building project in northern Colorado took a step forward with the release of an updated environmental assessment of the nearly $500 million project for two new reservoirs.

The report calls for users of the North Integrated Supply Project to provide additional water to the Poudre River during low flows and build low-flow bypass structures to help fish habitat.

The project calls for the Poudre River to be diverted during high-flow periods to fill Glade Reservoir northwest of Fort Collins and Galeton Reservoir, east of Ault.

Plans that would add millions of gallons of water to northern Colorado’s reservoirs remain years from realization while Front Range cities lease water rights from agriculture to make up for water shortages.

Northern Water released a statement that reads, in part, “The two proposed reservoirs are needed now more than ever, with so much water going downstream…

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An Interview with Master Dance Teacher David Howard

David Howard’s Words

Harkness Ballet

A candid interview with Master Ballet Teacher David Howard, British born ballet teacher who has worked closely with Gelsey Kirkland, Nataliya Makarova, Mikhall Baryshnikov, Rudolph Nureyev and many more. This interview was conducted while David was teaching at City Ballet of San Diego for this year’s Summer Intensive Class

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Hansa Priya #5: Holy Mother of God . . . the Way Home


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"The Unfolding" by Nicholas Baz, 2013

“The Unfolding” by Nicholas Baz, 2013

As I have written before, and you all know, we are in amazing times and incredible times are ahead as we are coming closer to the Light. When we slough off the darkness, the time and the negativity, naturally we are able to see the Source from which we came. And we need a mediator for us as we approach the Light while in human form.

When we make our journey back to God we change everything in us and around us as a result of frequency adjustments and as I mentioned before our song or our inner music becomes softer and sweeter. It becomes still and quiet. Our music releases hope out to the ethers and mind-waves. And our hope creates a jump in everyone’s hearts. It is like a getting a “tune-up”. This requires trust in soul and respect for creation.

And it is the song of humility.  Our Divine Mind is our heavenly Mother who guides us and protects us as we are adjusting and making our journey home. She dances with our souls and she teaches us strength and endurance because the road is arduous and perilous. Our Holy Mother can give us support and divine mercy when we aren’t able or capable of giving it to ourselves or others. And she sees the suffering in the hearts of everything and everyone. She then intercedes and dissolves it with her mind of God and her un-ceasing compassion and un-waivering mercy.  All for the will of God.

The Mother of God safely brings us back to Jesus through energy shifts and changes. She rules the mind of God and our bodies and she knows everything about us and ” what we are thinking”.
She will teach you everything you need to know about yourself and everything you see with your senses. And she will correct you when you are wrong in the most kind and beautiful way.  And she is wet, because she gives and gives relentlessly. She is the soma. She is the ocean of compassion. She is the golden door to God and she wants us to hear her support. Give her your pain and fear as she will intercede for you. She commands all the angels on your behalf and she will deliver you from evil and the wicked temptations of the lower earthly realms and astral planes because she knows every demon that ever existed and where they came from. And they respect her because her mercy changes what it sees.

Mary is the way back safely and her plan is to give us what she is. She makes saints out of her children because she knows the way to God and gently instructs. (Although at times she can be fierce to protect her children and what is true). She will give us just what we need to succeed. Because she is married to God, she will do what is necessary to bring us back to Him. Her time is now and she is beckoning her chosen ones to support those who need her love and wisdom. She is waiting to be summoned. And her devotion is much needed for our earth. I feel very strongly that her time is near and it is in us for the greater benefit of the planet and it’s evolution.

Our weather patterns depend upon our calls to Mary.

Our thought processes depend upon our calls to Mary.

Our earth and the health of its creations depend upon our calls to Mary.

Our bodies and mental health depend upon our calls to Mary.

The un-born souls depend upon our calls to Mary.

The wicked and the demonized depend upon our calls to Mary.

Her mind is energy and strength and she knows everything inside and out. Her rose is eternal and her scent divine. Her music is peace and ecstasy. Her dance is safe. And she hand delivers us back to God.

Thank you so much for reading this message.  Love and peace always,

Hansa Priya’s Oracles #4


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Shaman tree

The Garden of Eden- True Celestial

Hello, It’s happening again and another wave of energy is wafting through my ears. So I want to release it and not hold onto it so I am giving it back to all.  For awhile now, Spirit has been whispering in my ear about “the Garden of Eden”. When I came to this host, I realized that I could hear sound. It is a culmination of the mind and heart, together in frequency. The flower was always the symbol that was given to me in reference to the sound; the music of the heart. The flower is our energy and our life. When we have many flowers together, we have a garden and a garland and this becomes our energy field. The garden grows under light and water.(Spirit and Energy). -God the Father and the Mother his bride. The wheels of light (the chakras) are the mind together with energy that give out time. ( stored time). They also have a different ability in that they reach to the heavens when they are freed of their memory controls. This flower looks like a “trumpet”, (a symbol I see) that is also referred to in the Bible, in the book of Revelation. (when the flowers are turned up).  The flowers when free turn their wheels up to the light and they produce sound that is music in the etheric planes. So hence we become recognizable by our sound. So to release time and memory controls we have to learn God’s way and his formula and this is not a path for the weak or un-prepared.

The garden becomes a place of rest when the energy cleans and opens to Love. It is a space that changes the mind. This garden is our celestial home. It is the Arc of the New Covenant and it is an understanding of Light. For us to live in this body with God as our mind, we need to change our mind. It can’t change of its own will. (The ego doesn’t allow it in a dual plane of existence).  It has to be opened first.  Jesus said this many times. “Nobody comes to God except through Me.” This comes from Spirit only and has nothing to do with mental realms, time and intellect. Because God is teaching me this, I know it is a part of our bigger plan. As I hear it, I understand that we all know the way back to the heavenly garden. And with our swords of Truth, I can’t imagine us being tempted again”. And I hear God say “let us pray”. We must pray to God continuously. He wants us more than you could ever dream of. He is out to get us! Thank you for allowing me to give. Wishing everyone a beautiful garden of Life. Love and blessings, Hansa Priya (Wendy-Hope) (With my teachers Jesus Christ, Sanat Kumara and Archangel Michael and Metatron)

Hansa Priya’s Gift of Words #3


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Pan at Home on Strader

Hello dear friends,
Time to share again. I am hoping to have a website or blog site soon where anyone can come and receive my writings if they desire so . . . My need or desire to share seems to be happening alot lately, it feels like a pregnancy, so I don’t want to bombard you with lots postings.

So, this is what I am hearing. Or at least it is a culmination of what I have been hearing over time as I can put it into words and articulation:

“The Arc of the New Covenant” is about living a new way on Earth. The New Earth. We have all been hearing about this for what seems like an eternity, and undergoing the necessary transformation for it.  It has to do with the soul’s path and it is a path of acceleration, perfection and direction. And it is the female alive . . . The Holy Grail (more on that topic later). It is not the old way of thinking. This is being demolished everyday by energy waves from other planets, flares, and astrological configurations that are evolving us on this plane (just by being here we are “receiving”. How tuned in we are is a different story. . . )

Many people report feeling “crazy” at times during these dimensional changes and that is where the mind feels pressure and anxiety because it can no longer conform to the brainwaves that are connected to the memory of death, (astral), ancestral beliefs and experiences as well as societal “norms”. In other words the mind and ego fear the expansion and agitate.   With this process, the etheric memory begins opening. When we “lighten up”,  our airwaves stretch and we open up the “amplitude” frequency of sound and begin to clear the memory that blocks us from living in “beingness” and soul. (this is the best way I can describe it).

With light we have softness and stillness and an incredible wavelength of sound that travels very far in the airwaves and into the ether. This is how we can perceive the future and bring back what we ARE.  We can return to our origin and retrieve. This is the original soul retrieval. We just travel on sound. Very simple. But none of this occurs without Light.

This morning I caught a glimpse of the future and it is beautiful and rich. And wet. (Thanks to Metatron.) And I have been receiving messages for awhile now about traditions and old theories about things. And my soul Masters have been talking to me about the altar and the “costumes” people wear everyday to play out their karma. These are based upon “beliefs”. The beliefs are false and keeping us in scarcity and density. We can be who we are. That’s it! Jesus taught us that many eons ago and it is the way and the truth. Yet humans continue to build a box for its worth and light.

We are essentially everywhere and in everything in sound. And we can flow in this everythingness. This is ether . . . the Father dancing with his bride, The Mother (matter). When we know this, we become like the diamond that shines its brilliance out into the airwaves (the mind), and reflects back to it, what it received from the “memory” of the perceived. And all we have to do is listen and be.

When we reflect back just light, we have no egoic bounds or jealousy/ competition of where something is or how far it’s been. It just lives free in its totality and its true knowing of itself. It is here. This is how we evolve one another. And complete cycles. This is worth and value. (The diamond).

And it shares its expression of soul. This is abundance on Earth. We don’t need traditions, old beliefs, societal heirarchies and deception about how things are “supposed to be”. Many people I see are getting tripped up on this. They want to go their own way and trust in their own energy, but get fooled by old customs and traditions that trap their energy and put it in a box where it can’t travel and grow . . . all because they “think” that is how it’s done and that is how it has always been done.

These are time and memory constraints. And they block the sound. . . . Remember, we are still finishing past lessons of the mind before stepping into “round two” or the next cycle and so our “future selves” will help us with that.

The “map” of your life is inside you and is everywhere. We don’t need to stay inside our homes in front of a little “altar”. As we get out and live, we will see that others are our compass. We are all supporting one another now as time dissolves. Each and every one of us will be each other’s guide and support. And remember, the secrets of the expansion of the universe are hiding in your brain. And the answers are already here.

. . . Just a little galactic reminder . . . and don’t forget your light-saber!

Thank you. I love and cherish you all.

Peace and life,
Hansa Priya (WendyHope)
(With the help of Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael and Metatron)


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