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(excerpted from the 1900 member facebook page “Total Hip Replacement News” . . . go there for more HORROR STORIES.

I have had 4 hip surgeries. One woman of the 1900 chronically ill Hippies has had 15 hip surgeries. BEWARE THE MEDICAL/PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

MaryAnne DellaFera I have a question for all you fellow sufferers…I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I haven’t seen much about this in the medical literature. I have been dealing with growing agitation, inability to concentrate, growing irritability. I’ve had bouts of depression on and off most of my life, but this is unusual for me and seems completely separate from my usual depression symptoms. This has been getting worse over the last 3-4 years. It is really atypical for me. As someone who has 2 doctorates, I’ve always been able to focus, read technical articles, study, etc for hours on end. At this point, I’m lucky if I can sit still for 10 min! There are many potential causes, I suppose, but I came across a paper (Systemic Disease after Hip Replacement: Aeromedical Implications of Arthroprosthetic Cobaltism. John G. Sotos, Stephen S. Tower. Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine. 2013: 84:242-245) that described some similar symptoms in a surgeon who developed cobalt toxicity as a result of a failed hip prosthesis. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this…

Judy Walleser You sound like me or I sound like you! I have 2 MOM hips about 10 yrs old. Surgeon states they are not on the recall list and don’t need replacing as my numbers “aren’t all that high”.

Mickey Morgan Judy, ask him to take the same amount of arsenic. “O my numbers aren’t that high”

Jane Jeffery Mine aren’t high either – have psuedotumor tumour, pain etc. Revision in a few months.

MaryAnne DellaFera Judy, My surgeon kept telling me that, too. Don’t listen! You have to be insistent about getting them out! My serum Co levels were “only” in the 20s. Surgeon said no problem until it was over 100. NO way! There was “only” a little fluid evident on MRI. I insisted he take it out. I had severe metallosis with muscle and bone damage that wasn’t obvious from the MRI. He discounted all my symptoms of toxicity, but I didn’t. I don’t know what literature he reads, but I KNEW I was in trouble. Toxicity symptoms aren’t necessarily related to blood levels of Co. That is evident from the literature! These moron doctors don’t understand that many trace elements, like iron, selenium, zinc, can compete and interact with one another for binding sites on important enzymes. Co can interact with the same binding sites. You have to dig in the literature to find that. There’s not a lot of definitive research on this, but my hypothesis is that if someone is deficient in iron, selenium or zinc, it will take much lower levels of Co to induce toxicity symptoms. Many people are deficient because of soil depletion of minerals, poor diet, etc. Find another surgeon if yours digs in his heels.

Judy Walleser MaryAnne DellaFera thanks so much for your response. At my age of 75 I am afraid in other surgery would not. Be worth it. I am so glad for you. How are your symptoms now?

Mickey Morgan Jane Jeffery Yes, listen to MaryAnne DellaFera! Get out of there and get a doc who will do what you ask. You know your body better than him or her. I was told that .01 to .04 were “acceptable” levels of cobalt (lead or nickel too could be factors); 1 is considered toxic. And your doctor says 20 is not high! I haven’t yet come across a doctor who knows anything about cobaltism or Systemic Cobalt Poisonsing. Since they don’t know, it doesn’t exist!

Wayne Monk MaryAnne, there is a great many of us with the same problems. I blame most of it on the reasons you mentioned. The solution is ??????????.

MaryAnne DellaFera Wayne, I hope these symptoms improve once the levels of Co decline, although that may depend on the length of time the symptoms (and toxicity) have been present. I’ve provided some info in another comment below about n-acetylcysteine and alpha lipoic acid, 2 nutritional supplements, which may help, but it’s just a guess and a hope at this point.

Wayne Monk They will decline. The high concentrations have had 7+ years to saturate everycell in your body. The damage is done. Too little too late!

Laura Burghardt My friend had her left hip redone less than two weeks ago. She started suffering depression several months ago and some memory loss. Her cobalt level was in the low 30s. She is suffering from anxiety, agitation and memory loss. We are hoping it will be reversing once the cobalt levels go down. Pretty awful!

Gale Azzopardi Davies I am six weeks post op. I suffered from all the symptoms, my blood results were high before op but not stratospheric. The surgeon seems to think that they need to be very high to make a real impact. I did not believe it was right I know my body. Once i…See more

Sybylla DeMontagna Anything one can do,for me, includes self chelating with organic clay, and eating cabbage which absorbs metals, and supplements that support the nervous system

Sorry you are struggling m’dear, hope things improve soon 😊

Gina Hines Buchanan My MoM was removed 5 years ago after being in my body for 5 years.

Have you had your thyroid checked? Two years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (Hyper thyroid) which caused many of the same symptoms: lack of focus, irritability, as well as A…See more

Lisa Marie VanDyke I also have all u mentioned plus pain, STILL groin, hip thigh,enlarged bursa that if anyone touches of slaps my butt/hip. I wanna deck them but vomit it hurts so bad. My leg gives out on me. I STILL have to use 1 crutch. But my doctor says my “hip is…See more

Lisa Marie VanDyke I also set off alarms, not airports never flown.

But court or county buildings yes. As well as Wal-mart,Target, stores in Malls…etc. Which I hate shopping…. always did, so don’t do it often, its just too much, walking around w my crutch so I don’t fall.. All of it is just too draining…

Ali Ahmed All the symptoms seem to be much the same. I end up having anxiety and after having a lot of THR I got depression and I’m on medication for that. I think some of it has to do with constantly going in and out of hospital, going 2 steps forward and then 10 steps back. But also definitely it’s got to be down to the MOM replacements.

Mickey Morgan Any amount of cobalt can cause these symptoms. I have an MA in English, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Taft Fellowship, NEH Younger Scholars Award, Morgan Scholarship, etc. Now I can barely read and comprehend. I was/am? a writer/editor. Memory loss …See more

Mickey Morgan Depression is relentless and deep; like never before. Lasts and lasts and I’m supposedly labeled bipolar.

Sandy Doherty Yes, this is what happens I am now 8 years in and will never get rid of my psychiatric illness.

Joan Upton I am due to see a neurologist in two weeks for these symptoms, I did not make any connection with my hip devices.

Mickey Morgan So glad you have some info, Joan Upton. Don’t be afraid to speak your piece to the doc, though I’ve not yet come upon any health professional who knows about cobaltism and how to treat it, much less Systemic Cobalt Poisoning

Juli Bronk LaDue Mickey Morgan, I’ve mentored that my surgeon and my cardiologists are completely involved in my care amd fully support the diagnosis of metal poisoning as it relates to my heart failure, hip tissue necrosis and multiple dislocations.

Mickey Morgan Joan Upton, read Earl’s posting of the peer-reviewed paper before you go in. Or, it might be easier to watch Dr. Steven Tower on YouTube (he is one of the authors too): https://youtu.be/2oFCTK9TWpw


Judi Elliott Emotional fragility is an effect from the cobalt. The nervous system is affected in many ways. Ear ringing, auditory nerve. Visual problems, optic nerve. On and on, and mostly irreversible.

Judi Elliott Your opinion, please. A 60 y.o. lady in Cal. was scheduled for a MOM hip by an Ortho. specialist. At my urging, she asked him about metallosis. He claimed he never heard of it. I think he wanted the payola; what do you think? (She cancelled the surgery and is now with a new Dr.)

Wayne Monk Check his name in dollars for docs! If he is telling the truth, he is is very unaware!!!

Scott Piper All of this is just way too familiar with me. I had a pinnacle Mom hip. On my second and third revisions there are comments in the operating room reports about necrosis, metallosis, diseased tissue etc etc. No one however would test me for heavy metals. A few days ago I went online to northernhealthproducts.com and spent a hundred and thirty some bucks for a test kit so I can find out for myself. Northern Health Products NORTHERNHEALTHPRODUCTS.COM

Cushla Kusabs-Nairn Cobalt is an essential component of vitamin B12 it is stored in the Liver too much or too little can cause depression. Talk to you Doctor and ask for the right tests good luck

Mickey Morgan Cushla, I question and greatly doubt that Vit B12, which helps build back demyelinated nerves that have been stripped of their myelin sheaths by (in our cases) COBALT. Please provide evidence for this process you describe.

MaryAnne DellaFera Wow, thank you everyone for sharing your stories and information! I’ll have to spend some time poking around in the literature to see if there are more specific reports about these cognitive issues. Toxic levels of cobalt obviously cause widespread ne…See more

Laura Burghardt Jenny C. Marr, please read this thread. 😲

MaryAnne DellaFera Well, no sooner had I posted the above comment than I found this talk by Dr Steven Tower describing metal poisoning and brain toxicity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlU-67zAwEs)! This was posted on You Tube just about a month ago. I also didn’t re…See more

Metal Poisoning and Brain Toxicity in Patients With HIp Implants YOUTUBE.COM

Mickey Morgan MaryAnne DellaFera, the cobalt circulates throughout the entire body, including the brain. I have 5 quarter-sized lesions on my brain, as in MS. My cognition is half what it was because of brain scars and misfiring nerves whose myelin sheathes have been also eaten away by Cobalt.

MaryAnne DellaFera Mickey, I’m trying to find out what is known about the potential mechanism of action of cobalt toxicity at the cellular level. I haven’t turned up much yet, but I did find some information that suggests that cobalt may trigger hypoxia-like symptoms in…See more

Gale Azzopardi Davies I have done a brain scan for a separate issue or is it? My brain has started descending in my scull pulling the meninges at the back and I have kinking of the spinal fluid at the base of my skull. It’s not as pronounced as a Chiari Malformation stage 1…See more

Joan Upton Mickey Morgan,did they tell you it was due to cobalt, I have already had a brain scan and like you I have lesions, I was told by G.P that this was due to severe headaches but I have never had headaches.She then said she would be referring me to a neurologist which I have had to wait several months .

Juli Bronk LaDue I am sick, saddened and disgusted by the continued criminal behavior of the surgeons that “care” for some of us. Cobalt and chromium are silent killers. They will rob you of your health, mind and body. Get them out immediately. Do not listen to any surgeon that tells you that these issues aren’t related to your MOM hips. They are complicit. They are charlatans. They are allowing you to become further victimized. I have lost my memory. I have a mangled hip and heart failure. God only knows what else this metal poisoning has done and continues to do. My surgeons and cardiologists told me that metal poisoning had destroyed the tissue in my hip, brain and heart. Find a new surgeon. Ask me for the name of mine. Save what’s left of your life.

Derek Stocker in short yes

Jan Price I agree, I am not the same person, I once was , it’s frightening. I had a memory like and Elephant, I was a happy person, now I don’t recognize myself 💔

Mickey Morgan 3 years of deep depression! Aggg, every morning! We’ve all been poisoned.