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O Geshela Geshela,

thou art stirring this pot mightily to near hurricane whirl.

Faster and faster the filth comes to the top . . . memory after memory of the truth of the debasement all around me that formed this body (which is as debased as all others) . . . the pouches of energy in the One, where, from a narrow perspective such as I often have . . . these pouches of energy appear to be dark bleeding corrupt inconsciounable barbaric destructive greedy grasping AFRAID stagnant clutching the stagnant judgmental traumatizing thieving lying inability (long lost) to make Co-Respond-ences (connecting the dots, i.e., the Universal Law of Cause and Effect), or correspondence as in a good conversation.

Inquiring minds appear to be in vast decline.

Concentration camps appear to abound in this country.

Most Western mainstream medical workers appear to have AIDS                (Arrogant Ignorant Doctor Syndrome)

and appear to be killing and crippling and diseasing millions of people . . .

with complete impunity, it appears.

So, with all of these appearances that I see when I try to rise higher in the sky to get a better picture of the whole, I want to re-member it all . . . bring all the shattered mercury members together, and give them a nudge. They will find each other and instantly become One!

But it may not happen if I don’t re-member everything, every single drop. Because every single drop is critical to the Whole, the One. If a drop is lost, there is no longer One, but Two separate divided opposing conflicted forms or conditions.

And then I won’t Understand.

This is analogous to Apartheid.