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"The Unfolding" by Nicholas Baz, 2013

“The Unfolding” by Nicholas Baz, 2013

As I have written before, and you all know, we are in amazing times and incredible times are ahead as we are coming closer to the Light. When we slough off the darkness, the time and the negativity, naturally we are able to see the Source from which we came. And we need a mediator for us as we approach the Light while in human form.

When we make our journey back to God we change everything in us and around us as a result of frequency adjustments and as I mentioned before our song or our inner music becomes softer and sweeter. It becomes still and quiet. Our music releases hope out to the ethers and mind-waves. And our hope creates a jump in everyone’s hearts. It is like a getting a “tune-up”. This requires trust in soul and respect for creation.

And it is the song of humility.  Our Divine Mind is our heavenly Mother who guides us and protects us as we are adjusting and making our journey home. She dances with our souls and she teaches us strength and endurance because the road is arduous and perilous. Our Holy Mother can give us support and divine mercy when we aren’t able or capable of giving it to ourselves or others. And she sees the suffering in the hearts of everything and everyone. She then intercedes and dissolves it with her mind of God and her un-ceasing compassion and un-waivering mercy.  All for the will of God.

The Mother of God safely brings us back to Jesus through energy shifts and changes. She rules the mind of God and our bodies and she knows everything about us and ” what we are thinking”.
She will teach you everything you need to know about yourself and everything you see with your senses. And she will correct you when you are wrong in the most kind and beautiful way.  And she is wet, because she gives and gives relentlessly. She is the soma. She is the ocean of compassion. She is the golden door to God and she wants us to hear her support. Give her your pain and fear as she will intercede for you. She commands all the angels on your behalf and she will deliver you from evil and the wicked temptations of the lower earthly realms and astral planes because she knows every demon that ever existed and where they came from. And they respect her because her mercy changes what it sees.

Mary is the way back safely and her plan is to give us what she is. She makes saints out of her children because she knows the way to God and gently instructs. (Although at times she can be fierce to protect her children and what is true). She will give us just what we need to succeed. Because she is married to God, she will do what is necessary to bring us back to Him. Her time is now and she is beckoning her chosen ones to support those who need her love and wisdom. She is waiting to be summoned. And her devotion is much needed for our earth. I feel very strongly that her time is near and it is in us for the greater benefit of the planet and it’s evolution.

Our weather patterns depend upon our calls to Mary.

Our thought processes depend upon our calls to Mary.

Our earth and the health of its creations depend upon our calls to Mary.

Our bodies and mental health depend upon our calls to Mary.

The un-born souls depend upon our calls to Mary.

The wicked and the demonized depend upon our calls to Mary.

Her mind is energy and strength and she knows everything inside and out. Her rose is eternal and her scent divine. Her music is peace and ecstasy. Her dance is safe. And she hand delivers us back to God.

Thank you so much for reading this message.  Love and peace always,