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Shaman tree

The Garden of Eden- True Celestial

Hello, It’s happening again and another wave of energy is wafting through my ears. So I want to release it and not hold onto it so I am giving it back to all.  For awhile now, Spirit has been whispering in my ear about “the Garden of Eden”. When I came to this host, I realized that I could hear sound. It is a culmination of the mind and heart, together in frequency. The flower was always the symbol that was given to me in reference to the sound; the music of the heart. The flower is our energy and our life. When we have many flowers together, we have a garden and a garland and this becomes our energy field. The garden grows under light and water.(Spirit and Energy). -God the Father and the Mother his bride. The wheels of light (the chakras) are the mind together with energy that give out time. ( stored time). They also have a different ability in that they reach to the heavens when they are freed of their memory controls. This flower looks like a “trumpet”, (a symbol I see) that is also referred to in the Bible, in the book of Revelation. (when the flowers are turned up).  The flowers when free turn their wheels up to the light and they produce sound that is music in the etheric planes. So hence we become recognizable by our sound. So to release time and memory controls we have to learn God’s way and his formula and this is not a path for the weak or un-prepared.

The garden becomes a place of rest when the energy cleans and opens to Love. It is a space that changes the mind. This garden is our celestial home. It is the Arc of the New Covenant and it is an understanding of Light. For us to live in this body with God as our mind, we need to change our mind. It can’t change of its own will. (The ego doesn’t allow it in a dual plane of existence).  It has to be opened first.  Jesus said this many times. “Nobody comes to God except through Me.” This comes from Spirit only and has nothing to do with mental realms, time and intellect. Because God is teaching me this, I know it is a part of our bigger plan. As I hear it, I understand that we all know the way back to the heavenly garden. And with our swords of Truth, I can’t imagine us being tempted again”. And I hear God say “let us pray”. We must pray to God continuously. He wants us more than you could ever dream of. He is out to get us! Thank you for allowing me to give. Wishing everyone a beautiful garden of Life. Love and blessings, Hansa Priya (Wendy-Hope) (With my teachers Jesus Christ, Sanat Kumara and Archangel Michael and Metatron)