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Pan at Home on Strader

Hello dear friends,
Time to share again. I am hoping to have a website or blog site soon where anyone can come and receive my writings if they desire so . . . My need or desire to share seems to be happening alot lately, it feels like a pregnancy, so I don’t want to bombard you with lots postings.

So, this is what I am hearing. Or at least it is a culmination of what I have been hearing over time as I can put it into words and articulation:

“The Arc of the New Covenant” is about living a new way on Earth. The New Earth. We have all been hearing about this for what seems like an eternity, and undergoing the necessary transformation for it.  It has to do with the soul’s path and it is a path of acceleration, perfection and direction. And it is the female alive . . . The Holy Grail (more on that topic later). It is not the old way of thinking. This is being demolished everyday by energy waves from other planets, flares, and astrological configurations that are evolving us on this plane (just by being here we are “receiving”. How tuned in we are is a different story. . . )

Many people report feeling “crazy” at times during these dimensional changes and that is where the mind feels pressure and anxiety because it can no longer conform to the brainwaves that are connected to the memory of death, (astral), ancestral beliefs and experiences as well as societal “norms”. In other words the mind and ego fear the expansion and agitate.   With this process, the etheric memory begins opening. When we “lighten up”,  our airwaves stretch and we open up the “amplitude” frequency of sound and begin to clear the memory that blocks us from living in “beingness” and soul. (this is the best way I can describe it).

With light we have softness and stillness and an incredible wavelength of sound that travels very far in the airwaves and into the ether. This is how we can perceive the future and bring back what we ARE.  We can return to our origin and retrieve. This is the original soul retrieval. We just travel on sound. Very simple. But none of this occurs without Light.

This morning I caught a glimpse of the future and it is beautiful and rich. And wet. (Thanks to Metatron.) And I have been receiving messages for awhile now about traditions and old theories about things. And my soul Masters have been talking to me about the altar and the “costumes” people wear everyday to play out their karma. These are based upon “beliefs”. The beliefs are false and keeping us in scarcity and density. We can be who we are. That’s it! Jesus taught us that many eons ago and it is the way and the truth. Yet humans continue to build a box for its worth and light.

We are essentially everywhere and in everything in sound. And we can flow in this everythingness. This is ether . . . the Father dancing with his bride, The Mother (matter). When we know this, we become like the diamond that shines its brilliance out into the airwaves (the mind), and reflects back to it, what it received from the “memory” of the perceived. And all we have to do is listen and be.

When we reflect back just light, we have no egoic bounds or jealousy/ competition of where something is or how far it’s been. It just lives free in its totality and its true knowing of itself. It is here. This is how we evolve one another. And complete cycles. This is worth and value. (The diamond).

And it shares its expression of soul. This is abundance on Earth. We don’t need traditions, old beliefs, societal heirarchies and deception about how things are “supposed to be”. Many people I see are getting tripped up on this. They want to go their own way and trust in their own energy, but get fooled by old customs and traditions that trap their energy and put it in a box where it can’t travel and grow . . . all because they “think” that is how it’s done and that is how it has always been done.

These are time and memory constraints. And they block the sound. . . . Remember, we are still finishing past lessons of the mind before stepping into “round two” or the next cycle and so our “future selves” will help us with that.

The “map” of your life is inside you and is everywhere. We don’t need to stay inside our homes in front of a little “altar”. As we get out and live, we will see that others are our compass. We are all supporting one another now as time dissolves. Each and every one of us will be each other’s guide and support. And remember, the secrets of the expansion of the universe are hiding in your brain. And the answers are already here.

. . . Just a little galactic reminder . . . and don’t forget your light-saber!

Thank you. I love and cherish you all.

Peace and life,
Hansa Priya (WendyHope)
(With the help of Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael and Metatron)