Nepal beating

Minds in the lower realms . . . beating a Tibetan Buddhist monk in Nepal

[quick update just in: Gelong Tara Some Tibetan monks protest in Nepal for against China, but Nepali government not allowed even they do… so illegal..
It was many year ago…. so dalai lama does not helped for Nepal quake…]

“Hello sweet friends,
I am feeling the desire to write and share today what I am receiving. Archangel Michael is teaching me the way of the “sword” and ever since I came out of my soul transformation, I have been his student in “Sirius Warrior Boot Camp.” Because time is no longer on our minds and watches, we are in a flux of mixed energy. All mind is and will eventually get exposed and released for God’s plan. (Upper and Lower, Shadow and Light). The head realms need fast frequency and the lower parts of ourselves, below the belt also need cleansing. The cleansing of the mind in totality gives us the ability to reverse sentient karma, Dna, and astral body “danger”, or at least what the mind perceives as “fear” and negativity. And what the mind holds onto as negativity it holds onto as it’s thought and this is where the mind goes, back down in the lower realms.

The lower “thoughts” are what we are living out day to day in dimensional living and blocking our pure creative light from designing the time. These are  memories and thoughts about what we experienced without our soul’s with us. (And remember the soul is always with us, but we deny it out of fear and egoic ties and attachment). And karma. It becomes a Master’s game when we trust in God. And the Master’s equipment gets revealed as we let go of old thoughts of fear and brokenness. God can and is regenerating everything by His thought. And the old doesn’t necessarily get trashed, it also gets recycled. Bodies and minds get cleaned by the word of God. -( A.k.a., A pure thought that is sound un-restrained).
My message today is not to fear what is  being exposed. The black is to help us live in the Light. And to get in front of it. And do not get caught up in the emotion of it and believe that is what you are. That is a figment of the imagination.  It is simply there to teach us what Truth really is and what to put our trust in. For so long, the earth’s shadow has failed it’s upper sound. And we have all been drinking it. Exhausted by it.
In order to drink the full cup, the darkness must come to the Light. We are involved in this together. When we change the black, (the night), the sun can shine. And Truth can win. This is about safety. The Masters who teach me are showing me darkness and fear for what it is. -A mystery of Faith.

When Mastery is felt, there is love for death and everything it sees because it knows who it is and how to evolve it consciously and with soul. It wins. We are all turning the page. And we are all in everyone’s minds.  The darkness ruled everything from the head for eons. It caused cells to fracture and die because it denied its Mother. The Father knows what to give to it’s Mother for her to release it. This is a dance between Mind and God. Soul and Spirit. ” The Safety Dance”.  When mind hears it’s Father calling, it reverses the darkness from it’s fate. This is our true calling and home-coming. And the dance is clean.

In order to not get caught up in the play of death and darkness we need the sword of the Spirit. This is a level of discernment. And trust. And everyone’s coming together for God will untie the death mirror that gets projected and reflected onto everything it sees.  When a being sees its soul, it lives. Free and clear. It knows no bounds or separation.  A victory comes and a new crown is given. It is a crown of Life. And the crown has magic of its own and archangels as its truth—All because the mind listened and followed its direction from God. With the power of truth (the sword), we will triumph over anything distracting or disturbing our road to sovereingty and peace.

And remember death’s desires and temptations will come knocking at your door. Do not let anything scare you!  In order to prevent us from circling in tired, heated astral battles, we need the sword . . . and a calm cool mind.

I will show the way as I am taught it.

God Blessings and strength be here.

I love and support you in God,
[Hansa Priya]
Sirius Prism Masters, Archangel Michael and Metatron”

note: emphases are mickeypamo’s