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Shaman tree

“Hello beautiful lady,
Thank you so much for your call yesterday. In some ways it was a clarion call for me to share and to write. Yes, I am “stirring” and ready to come out of my 4 year hibernation and soul break. It is about the time. In response to your asking for help for your friend . . . Right now we are all evolving and changing at lightning speed as you know. Everyone can feel it happening within themselves as walls come down, fears get released, repressed emotions come out, genetic restraints get released,and cells get changed to light etc.  Light simply cannot be contained and it is fast in frequency. In other words it will speed up the sound, and cause it to vibrate faster and then “lift itself up”. Much like to taking flight. (This is why angels are often depicted with wings.) Because of this we are releasing our time-bound earth contracts and old agreements for which we believed we came here for. This is is so we can live in accordance with Soul and it’s beloved sovereingty. (Hence, the earthquakes) as I mentioned to you already.

The earth is releasing past evolution and time. In order for Earth to be a new residence for God, what we stood upon has to be heaven’s domain now. (No death). And God’s foot upon the Earth will change it. However the earth is not essentially our home or at least it never has been while we have been in form. Until now. It was a place to heal and to grow while in body and to realize our own infinity and unlimited creative potentials while in form. But I believe that God is changing this and bringing His home here to us. Inwardly and outwardly. What Mercy! But before this can happen, the mind has to expand and receive Love from it’s Source. It has to know Love as it’s will and driving force. And this Love has to be it’s truest frequency.

Everything we think, say and do is based upon an expression of the soul tied to the sentience of its host. The host by nature is of the Earth and has karmic ties to the bodies, minds and blood of the ancestors from eons of time until we complete that soul cycle or soul lineage. Time is deluded and connected to the astral world. This is a recipe for death and traps of continued cycles of repeated karma. When the soul “stirs” and frees itself, it is no longer bound to the ancestors, the Earth, fixed DNA, karma, contracts,and time. It is pure, free and devoted to its home where it lives freely with it’s Creator in safety. This I believe is the Arc of the New Covenant. A living free of death on Earth as our heavenly home unites with our bodies and minds and we receive the “body of Christ”. This is our new world of hope and trust in God our savior.  It is a life renewed. This I know is what God chose for those of us believing in Him and his Light and Love for all sentient beings. The way of the bodhisattva. This has also been referred to as “The Rapture” in the Bible and has been foretold for a long time. This is happening now and has been happening to souls according to God’s wish and plan.

Another important message and fundamental to pure Life is that we have to know who our Source is. It all starts from the top, in the crown. For example, we can’t make wine from a source that is fake, false, tainted or corrupted. That wine becomes dirty. And then you have a recipe for death and disaster. Quickly, I want to explain that there are many “cross-bred” hybrid souls dividing and living on Earth creating a mess here. This has been going on for a very long time on Earth. They are connected to lower forces and lower planes of frequency that are leading them astray and back into death and lower astral time constraints and continued earth bound energy. This is futile. There are “jesters” and “bastard jokes” (what I call the sons of Darth Vader, just as a symbol and a reference for clarity) dancing around in the air-waves polluting our time and confusing the hearts of people. These beings from these other planes were the devil’s hand and they corrupted and tainted the lives and energy of others by their own greed and selfish desires. They did this by compromising women and their offspring. This changed DNA, and inserted bastard frequency and their choices of destruction. So with that being said many of these beings came with knowledge of power that destroyed things.

They taught sorcery, witchcraft, and demonic energy scams that troubled people, divided them and caused karma, lies and deceit, with greed and worthlessness as the root. This only kept them in doubt, insecurity, scarcity and fear. Not to mention war and brutality.

They also created slavery amongst themselves, slave races and constructed hierarchy and punishment. All this because they had zero worth. As a result they had to steal from others because they had no Source from which to receive from. This is lack in it’s truest form—and energy sucking and manipulation. Pure greed.

However, they were only seeing inside a small scope and living from a tiny scale, which was mental layers and lies. Not GOD. We as souls come from a “thought”. This is how we are created. Their thought never gave them a winning chance here on earth. It only bought them time and created mental strife, mental illness, disease and confinement.

So, with that being said, I wanted to explain why it is wisdom to discern what it is we are listening to in our minds and hearts. And to pray to God only, not energy lies and mental scams. This is about knowing who our true Father[Mother] is. And remember God can do anything at any time! Including time-traveling, jumping planes and walking into previously occupied bodies for his own heavenly purposes. He gives us everything we need in every moment, because we have breath. He can change our karma, our DNA and our time by flipping on the switch inside.

I believe this is what Faith truly is. True humility and Love for God our savior from all this mess.  The Light and Love of God has to be searched for and found. And we must keep our hands off of dirty things if we hope to have a sound mind. Our mouths can only speak of what it truly knows and we should stop telling lies to one another based upon false mental iniquity and zero direction. That is monster and zombie energy and is a form of cheating. God is our direction. That is the big game. Our worth only comes when when we understand who gave it to us. And finally, as a disclaimer, we are existing from a “thought” and know that that thought is subject to change as we heal and transform.

Thank you for allowing me to share from your one simple question. People are dying and it is time we believe.

I Love you! Your sister in Christ,
Hansa Priya
( With the help and guidance of my soul teachers Archangel  Michael and Metatron, Sanat Kumara, and the band and frequency of Jesus Christ)

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“Our actions are our only belongings . . . “—Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh