This great campaign with all of its great intentions and  purposes . . .


 . . . has been established since the 20th of January 2015, with Reg.No 569/30, Pan (Tax) No. 602958132, Social Welfare No. 40864.

Boudha Shanti Abhiyan Sangh 

Kahule Village – Nuwakot NEPAL

History and the mission of association In this beginningless cycle of existence, there is no sentient being  who wants suffering. All sentient beings desire happiness. Unfortunately violence, terrorism, illness, disease, war, conflict, controversy, etc., are increased day by day and bring suffering with undesirable feelings. Therefore, in His infinite compassion, wisdom and power the Lord Buddha gave the world a new philosophy, an awakening message, and innumerable different teachings aimed at helping countless beings to achieve their temporary and ultimate happiness. The teachings of Buddha lead to peace and non-violence way to protect us from cyclic existence or samsara. The Lord Buddha was born, by His majesty King Suddhodana and her majesty Queen Māyādevī, in 623 BCE in Lumbini, a sacred place located in the beautiful Tarai plains of Nepal. In order to help living beings gain control of their minds, Lord Buddha began the first turning of the Wheel of Dharma in India, at the most sacred place . . . Varanasi. Since Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nuwakot, many villages in Nepal have also been impelled by Dharma doctrine. Unfortunately, many villages in the isolated valley of Nepal, including Nuwakot, are poverty-stricken. Poverty has become a great concern. Because of poverty, most of the people in village have no opportunity to enjoy education. With the influence of ancient cultures, the people inherit incorrect customs such as killing animals, stealing, misconduct, etc. These incorrect customs do nothing but create more suffering and also continuing the cycle of poverty. To cut off this cycle, the doctrine of non-violence and correct Dharma practices must be taught. Because of poverty, some people take benefit by introducing other religions. The purpose of religion is to cultivate positive human qualities such as tolerance, generosity and love. Every religion, no matter what its philosophical view, is founded first and foremost on the precept that we must reduce our selfishness and serve others. Unfortunately, sometimes religion itself causes more disputes and leads to disunity. Therefore ‘Boudha Shanti Abhiyan Sangh’ means ‘Buddhism Peaceful Campaign Association’. It was established with great purposes and intentions to spread modern Buddhism, to save these profound teachings as well as the cultures out of which they have emerged. We will teach the Dharma and religious practices in order to help Nepali villagers and all beings to achieve their dream: to be released from poverty and to unite all religions so that a prosperous peaceful life will be achieved. May this peaceful campaign, a peaceful and non-violent doctrine, be developed and spread to entire villages, entire countries, and the world. May all religions succeed in honoring and respecting each other so that there is no reason to engage in disunity.

 —under guidance of Sri Lopon Guru Lodoe Lama and chairmanship of Sri Gelong Tara in Kahule, Nuwakot, Nepal

The mission of association Aim/-goal:

  • For all religions to form an agreement to show honor and respect to each other in order to help construct a peaceful world in accordance to the doctrine of respect, love, compassion and non-violence.
  • Taking refuge to the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) and the Four Noble Truths, as fundamental Buddhist teachings. Profound teachings will be conveyed in the forms of sutra, mantra, ritual tradition, mind-training level (lojong rimpa) practice, scripture, commentaries, retreats, meditation, etc., that will lead all beings to the Bodhi path. The main practice puja will be especially to Lord Buddha and the 21 Tara Goddesses


  • In Nuwakot village, like many other villages, there is a lack of education, and Dharma is practiced incorrectly. Also other religions have begun to enter these villages. Principally, different views of practicing Dharma are acceptable as long as they are creating peace and harmonious life. Unfortunately, some religions have been incorrectly taught and as a result, this has created conflict and Buddhism is degenerating. Therefore, to build an assembly hall—a Tara Meditation Temple—for the people as a place to gather and teach them the core of Buddhism is necessary in order to guide and give an antidote for the many conflicts, and to create a harmonious life among other religions.
  • We intend to approach the leaders of other religions to create understanding to live together respectfully and harmoniously, by changing incorrect mindsets and customs such as killing, stealing, lying, and misconduct. There is no way to cut off the misery and poverty of life if people continue to create bad karma such as killing, etc.
  • We intend to teach the essence and core of Buddhism . . . to live purely by following the precepts, benefiting others and living with an attitude of compassion for others.
  • We intend to teach the people how to practice the Dharma in their daily lives as an antidote for all problems.
  • All devoted participants in this new NGO will carry special tasks in accordance with his or her capabilities, such as giving mind-training practice (lojong), meditation, retreats, sharing ritual traditions, . . . and also appropriate entertainment such as singing, dancing, music that are suitable for new generation.
  • We intend to have an ambitious discussion with governments, and those of non-government society, as well as religious organizations to discuss thoroughly the simplest means by which to provide donations, and to help . . . taking and giving to each other. In this way, we can continue the peaceful campaign of teaching, spreading and increasing the knowledge of modern Buddhism.
  • We intend in the future, to build a great temple with a Stupa, as a modern Buddhism academy, as a clinic to help the poor, and much more that is suitable for the new generation of the 21st century. We dedicate our compassionate Dharma work to help living beings to attain their Buddhahood and thereby benefit all beings. May the Spiritual Guru, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, and all Bodhisattvas be happy and bless our Dharma.


Central Committee Current Position Holders:
S.N Rank Name
1 Chairman Migmar Dorje Lama (Gelong Tara)
2 Vice Chairman Dorje Lama
3 Secretary Dhansing Lama
4 Sub Secretary Ashok Maya Tamang
5 Financier Tej Bahadur Tamang
6 Sub Financier Birman Tamang
7 Members Sunita Maya