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“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” ~ Plato

holding fragile earth ~d nelson

Out on dirt & paved playgrounds
children & beasts play side by side.
Playing with & without regard
to textures, colors & shapes
sounds, smells, tastes,
sunshine, rain, wind,
dust, scrapes, fashion.
Engaged in their
sometimes joyful
lighthearted, yet always
serious, perhaps penultimate
game of marbles.

Collecting & losing
one’s or the other’s marbles
offers exhilaration
amidst laughter,
squeals & tears
of potential winning,
losing & obsolescence.
Players rigorously challenged
living by teacher’s lesson
of finding balance
with the 3 basic rules,
or marks of existence;
impermanence, unsatisfactoriness
& non-self (inter-connectedness of all phenomenon).

children playing marbles ~ fotolia children playing marbles ~ fotolia

Wholeheartedly some
play cooperatively,
happy for their life
with each mindful breath
in each precious moment,
for connection & interactions;
while other’s show
claiming their need,
even their right
to achieve, to win,
placing their well-being
above the…

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