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I don’t speak Tibetan, but many do. That is secondary to what is being shown here: activists protesting H.H. the Dalai Lama’s ban on the practice of revering the Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden . . . an aspect of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. To ban a set of qualities of ideal personality, embodied visually in Dorje Shugden, is like banning SMILING.

This terrible schism in the Tibetan community has brought about violence of Tibetan against Tibetan . . . the ultimate strategy of Apartheid: divide and conquer.

And who stands to benefit from the conquered hence disappeared Tibetan culture? Could it be those who swept the land from the Tibetans, and now want to dispense/divide/conquer/control the remaining artifacts, and elders of the culture? Sounds hauntingly familiar and analogous to the US Government’s entrapment of First Nation peoples on reservations while we plundered their land.

And, contemplating on a karmic level . . . I am considering why, in the first place, China so brutally conquered Tibet once and till now in 1959. The most patriarchal government in the world brutalizes, yes, a highly patriarchal Tibet. And as I’ve been taught, the consequences of a karmic action look like the cause. The more I live within the Dharma as a woman from the west, the more I understand the grave suffering this patriarchy is causing. Yes it is traditional. Yet every lama came from a woman and would not BE if it were not for a woman. Isn’t making wrong rules part of the Vinaya? Is a woman not of the human realm? Is it not wrong to divide humans into greater and lesser beings? Is it not wrong to fully ordain only men and not women?

O Tibet is Crying . . . may this cleanse us all and bring balance to Tibetan culture