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I have consulted Karmic Tarot cards from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective for nearly 14 years now. While my Teachers stress that reading Tarot cards is not a part of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, I do have permission from my Root Guru to do this practice. My primary reference is William Lammey’s Karmic Tarot, a sound architectural system of correspondences that immediately remove the entire issue of reading Tarot cards out of the occult, and into the reason of a cause and effect universe.

I drew a card from my favorite deck, Druidcast Tarot, and came up with the 9 of Wands, as you can see. My question was simply, what is the tenor of the day.

On a microcosmic level, this would be a day of solitude, a day of much-needed withdrawal from the fray, to heal that left (female side) arm. She is broken. Wands represent the spiritual realm, so this wounded warrior leans heavily on his spirituality to steady him. His male side is supported by his adherence to his wand (spirituality). Has he just emerged from the still-raging battle in the distance? The other Wands of his spirituality safely protect him as he is still and alone. He is wounded. And he is Selfless. And he is enormously creative and strategic. The level of attainment is high.

On a macrocosmic level, say that this figure is the the US. We are wounded. Our feminine nurturing policies are broken or non-existent. We need rest and time to come up with more creative, more gender-balanced, and less destructive solutions. We are capable of this. The barbaric raging of battles in the distance do not require our participation, which would only add more fire (wands!) to the fray. Our warriors are wounded and alone after selflessly attaining objectives for the good of all. May each and every one of them have safety, comfort, love and solitude in which to heal inside and out.