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A Wrathful Dakini . . . sometimes Tough Love is needed

On that life-changing day of 9/11, something deep in me came out casually, as I watched the televised collision at the World Trade Center: “Well . . . that’s what we get for neglecting the Palestinian people.” It was as if for a shocking moment, my consciousness encountered the massively complex natural law of cause-and-effect, ie., karma, one action causes another that causes another. If I were a Buddha, I could trace precisely the act of 9/11 back to Palestine.

I believe that inner prompting, and I grieve for the long-suffering of the Palestinians . . . and for those innocent Israelis caught up in the problems of their government.

Sometimes I consider the Israelis to be the first Americans in the 1600s; and the Palestinians as the Native American Indians. “Manifest Destiny” was proclaimed by both conquering cultures . . . “God told me to do it.” So it’s ok.

Everybody please relax and watch your breath. We are One. And our lives are our Lessons.

Karma‘s not for sissies. In fact, karma is mysterious: so many causes, so many effects, ad infinitum.

I only know because I’ve been told, that both the peoples of Israel and Palestine have been burning off enormous amounts of negative karma (while creating more at times). It is the same with the Israelis and Palestinians that the people are caught up in a daily state of trauma.

Does history have to repeat itself yet again in the oppression imposed by the oppressor? I proclaim the dignity of the Palestinian people. Would what I wrote be so . . .