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Three Yoginis

sid·dhi [sid-dee] Yoga . A miraculous power imparted by the late stages of intense meditation. Pali, iddhi. Buddhism, any occult power acquired through discipline.

I must apologize to you all for neglecting the purpose of this blog. Life calls sometimes. The blog has stagnated out of my lack of discipline in my Dharma studies. And now I wish to revive both—my more-regular posting here for dialogue and my Dharma practice (which are one)—hoping you will be interested in this particular line of thought (the particularity being the telling of the personal experience of a white bi-polar, lay practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism with the Gelugpa lineage for over 12 and a half years . . . a 60-year-old wordsmith who is always a student, and who loves to teach.

Any errors here are mine and mine alone . . . simply my Truth.

Morning Forest in Germany, taken from National Geographic

I’ve thought to connect the qualities of an accomplished Siddha (one with many siddhis) to the qualities of those in the Autistic Spectrum, which mainstream society labels the many mental “disorders”: Asberger syndrome,  bipolar disorder; schizophrenia, ADD, OCD, etc (Google the DSM-IV). I feel the state of Autism to be an umbrella for these “disorders”. I am addressing the previously-unasserted giftedness/healing qualities of all the above socially-stigmatized beings.

And then to bring in the Sacred Clown, the Koshare, the Heyoka, the trickster in the Native American Tradition. She does everything backwards; rides into battle facing where she’s come from. She is revered in her community, and protected, and needed to balance out complacency within the community. She is permitted to be crazy, and revered for it.

Dancing Kokopellis

I sense there is a connection amongst the three accomplished beings. Do these beings resonate with each other? Is the High-Functioning Autistic person actually a Crazy Wisdom practitioner and a Sacred Clown? I don’t know. Here I am counting on those of you who are more intelligent than me, to run this by their mindstreams and help me out. I believe there is great significance here, but I don’t know that much about either state. Yet the whole subject burns in my brain, and has for years . . . since the Winter Solstice of 2003.