Vajra and Bell
You’re wakened to see
You’re wakened to be
You’re wakened to share
What the universe needs

The whole is of you
And the whole is of me
Without us as One
Then the seas would not be

To run like the water
To taste like the sun
To feel the earth under
Letting wind have its fun
Wandering, wandering,
Unhindered by stone
Shattering, scattering,
Far from no home

But always to be One
Like you and like me
A man and a woman
Inside of me

A man and a woman
The One, the One
The Whole
The universe needs

The strength of the universe
Relies on this marriage
Of moon and of sun
In each of us One
The woman, the man
In each of us One
Free as the wind
In each of us One

Reverence for you
Is reverence for me
A broken world cries
At the splitting of trees

The blade cuts asunder
The last of the trees
Bloody sap under
The you that is we

How vain is the blade
That splits through the heart
That sets the blood flowing
But never can part
What always was whole
What always was One
Our lightning, our thunder
Through rain and through sun
As we run together
Our blood runs as One.