UK hospital recalls all Smith & Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Patients…

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Update from Alison

Hi Earl I have just been to my hospital for an x ray as they have told me that they are recalling all their birmingham hip patients to test chromium and cobalt levels in the blood. I am still waiting for my results. I had my BHR Smith& Nephew fitted in November 2007 and have been doing some research and have found that S&N have recalled some patients and they have recalled certain acetabular cups and sent out this following letter to the hospitals:

Dear Customer,
Smith & Nephew have been informed that the above devices may have been miss – labelled. The product packaging for the notified complaint was for a 54 mm BHR Acetabular Cup, however inside was a 50mm Acetabular Cup. One more device has also been positively identified as being the reverse of this.
An evaluation has been performed in -house and…

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A Story of Brilliance and Madness


USA’s increasing “mental illness (agitation)” is increasing in direct proportion to the dysfunctional country where I live.

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The Icarus Project is inviting public participation in the development of a Toolkit for mental health service users seeking an alternative, March 13, 7 PM at Bluestockings Bookstore in NYC

New York City, NY (March 10, 2014)The Icarus Project, a community based organization focused on radical mental health support, is developing a free toolkit, Mad Maps, to help empower those currently unable to secure appropriate services in our existing mental health system. It is a resource for those wanting to create not only their own paths to well-being, but also to help chart pathways for those who seek to transform the world in which we live.

A presentation of Mad Maps will be facilitated by Icarus co-founder, Sascha Altman DuBrul on Thursday, March 13, 7 PM at the Bluestockings bookstore, located at 172 Allen Street in NYC. Under the slogan ‘Mental health does not exist…

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Dalai Lama, please give religious freedom


I think it is important to refine one’s own spiritual practice, taking personal responsibility for all actions . . .

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(This article is just my personal point of view. Before I go any further, if you don’t want to read this, I really don’t mind. I’ll only write one article on it, and then I will go back to our usual fare. I know some of you are fans of the Dalai Lama and will want to unsubscribe, and I am sincerely sorry about that, but I understand. Before you do, though, please know that I have nothing against him personally.)

four Kadampa lineage BuddhasI want to address a few of what I feel are quite common misconceptions about my own and other Kadampas’ involvement in calling out the Dalai Lama on his ban and speeches against Dorje Shugden practitioners. In writing this, I also seem to have explored what I think are certain general misconceptions about how Buddhists should be – what tolerance means, what patience means, what compassion means, what religious…

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Our Response to The Letter: My #Husband and His Family Tried to #Kill Me!


Men seem so afraid of the Great Power of a Woman, and so, all over the world, those men try to snuff out, stamp out any power a woman might have . . . their sole intent is to enslave and disempower.


The 50 Million Missing Campaign receives many emails from Indian women sharing their problems and asking for advice. Two days ago we received a letter from a young woman, which we found very distressing.   The story in this letter is not uncommon and we’ve heard it repeating in too many homes in India.  This is why we are publishing this letter (with names and details concealed) with our advice to this young woman and to all women in this situation.  Please listen to our advice!

Below is the letter we received from this young woman:

I don’t know what to say.  Right now I am seriously very upset and I am not able to think what to do.  What decision should I take now?  Today my brother-in-law and his wife both have tried to kill me and my husband has also helped them.  They have been continuously torturing me…

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Sound healing concert


There is something that reaches each person on a deeply primordial level they’re not even aware of, because I have played this in a public place and it draws people involuntarily . . .

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sound healing I’ve continued pursuing experimentation with tibetan bowl sound healing. It’s really amazing to listen to the sounds and the woman in the below video is my best find so far.

This album is a wondrous collection of healing sounds and my favorite yet: Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Diane Mandle performs Tibetan bowl sound healing concert. Meditative and empowering, singing bowls create as state of deep relaxation and well being.

See also this video where she talks about the bowls and how they are designed for consciousness transformation while also demonstrating them:

Diane Mandle of the Tibetan Bowl School demonstrates Master quality bowls in a relaxing sound healing mediation. Sacred sound healing can produce deep relaxation and healing.

More sounds for the soul from Beyond Meds:

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